Matchbox Number 17 Leyland Titan

Lesney Matchbox code 1 and 2 models
(Models labeled in Lesney Matchbox factories)

Variations - My objective with this listing is to show the different colours and liveries. It is not my intention to list casting, wheel and base colour variations for every model.

Band Aid Plasters Playbus - Red Issued 1986 UK. This was offered by Johnson and Johnson as an "on pack offer". On the top of Band Aid plasters there was a Playbus Ticket. For every ticket returned to Johnson and Johnson they would donate 25 pence to the "National Playbus Association" . The National Playbus Association was a voluntary organisation which helped local groups set up and operate their own community centre on wheels - providing services and activities not available to their area.
National Girobank
Feria Del Juguete Valencia 1987 - Red Issued 1987 Spain. There were 2000 of these buses made for the Valencia Toy Trade Fair held in Spain.
West Midland Travel
M.I.C.A. International Collectors Club - White
Denny Happy 1000th Birthday Dublin
123 ABC
It's The Real Thing - Coke - Yellow Issued 1989. Believed 10,000 made (according to MICA)
Corning Glass Centre
Markfield Project Support Appeal 1992
London Wide Tour Bus
Union Jack Tours
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Celebrating a Decade of Matchbox Conventions - Chrome

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