Matchbox Number 17 Leyland Titan

Lesney Matchbox code 1 and 2 models
(Models labeled in Lesney Matchbox factories)

Variations - My objective with this listing is to show the different colours and liveries. It is not my intention to list casting, wheel and base colour variations for every model.

Berger Paints - Red Issued 1982
Laker Skytrain - Red Issued 1982. Due to the demise of Laker Aircraft Services a new label was designed to replace this general issue. It was "Matchbox London Bus".
Matchbox London Bus - Light Blue and White, Greece
Matchbox No.1 - Light Blue and White Issued 1982, Greece
Matchbox No.1 - Red Issued 1982, Greece
Chesterfield Centenary
Matchbox London Bus
Nice to Meet You Japan 1984
York Festival and Mystery Plays - Issued 1984 UK. These were made to celebrate the York Festival and were on sale in the City of York Yorkshire UK and a few selected Matchbox Toy dealers.
Nestles Milkybar - Blue. In the UK Matchbox ran a free giveaway offer of this model and the green Rowntree's Fruit Gums bus (below).When you purchased a Convoy, Superking or Racing Special model that had a special red label attached and complted the application form on the back you could cut off the top and send it in to redeem either this or the Rowntree bus. Click here to see the special label and application form.
Rowntree Fruit Gums - Dark Green. See Blue Milky Bar Bus above for details.

Keddies No.1 in Essex - Blue. The blue "Milky Bar" model was used as a base by Matchbox Toys to make 900 of these models for Keddies Department Store in Southend Essex.

Due to their rarity, there were many fakes of this model made. The easiest way of confirming the fake versions are the "rounded" corners of the labels. They can be either square or very roughly rounded on the fakes. Also the printing on the fake labels is poor quality.

Torvale Fisher Engineering Co.
W.H. Smith Travel
Nestles Milky Bar - Red
Rowntree's Fruit Gums - Red
You'll Love New York TWA
Space for Youth 1985
Matchbox Nurnberg 1986 - Red Issued 1986 Germany. Limited production run of 200. These were given to customer by Matchbox Toys Germany at the Nurnberg Toy Trade Fair.
1st M.I.C.A Convention - Red Issued 1986 UK. Limited production run of 250 models.
Around London Tour Bus
National Tramway Museum - Blue
Midland Bus Transport Museum - Red and White Issued 1986 UK

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