Matchbox Number 17 Leyland Titan

Lesney Matchbox code 3 models
(Models labeled by Companies and individuals without Lesney Matchbox permission )

Please note: This is not a complete list of Code 3 variations. These are ones I have found and seen over the years I have been collecting. It is estimated there are well over 3000 different code 3 variations in existence. If you have a version not shown here please contact me with a good photo and details and I will happily include it.

Derby City Travel By Bus It Can Work Out Cheaper
Grampion Computers
Albert Dock Liverpool
The Boys Brigade
Guinness Time
Harley Davidson Live to Ride - Ride to Live
Hudderfield Corporation Tramways Centenary
Impel 1982
Sky Blues
South Yorkshire Transport
Spartys Super Parties Start at Spartys
Stevensons of Uxbridge
Swapmeet Palmerston North New Zealand 1986
Swapmeet Wellington New Zealand 1986
Swapmeet Taupo New Zealand 1987

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