Matchbox Number 17 Daimler Fleetline DMS "The Londoner"

Lesney Matchbox code 1 and 2 models
(Models labeled in Lesney Matchbox factories)

Variations - My objective with this listing is to show the different colours and liveries. It is not my intention to list casting, wheel and base colour variations for every model.

Impel 76 Trade Fair - Cream & Brown - Issued 1976. Again as with the 1973 version this was issued to promote the trade fair. There were 2000 labels printed but due to a factory error 1000 of these were used on red buses. The bus was originally planned to be painted in the local South Yorkshire Bus Company colours but due to the excessive cost of paint masking the result was this 2 colour version. There is a photo of the original colour scheme on the pre production page.
Impel 76 Trade Fair - Red - Issued 1976 See above for details.
A.I.M. Building Fund 1976 - Red Issued 1976 USA. This model was made as a fund raiser for the American International Matchbox.
The Old Country Busch Gardens - Red Issued 1976 USA. From what I understand this model was on sale at the Busch Garden Centre in Williamsberg Virginia and was promoting British Airways flights to UK.
Eduscho Kaffee - Red Issued 1976 Germany
Ilford - Red Issued 1976
Illford HP5 Film - Red Issued 1976 UK
Amcel Takes You Places - Red Issued 1976 UK
Silver Jubilee - Silver General release issued 1977
Silver Jubilee - Red Issued 1977
Jacobs The Biscuit Makers - Red Issued 1977 Ireland
Jacobs The Biscuit Makers - Orange Issued 1977 Ireland
Jacobs The Biscuit Makers - Silver Issued 1977 Ireland
The Museum of London - Red 1977
Army and Navy - Red Issued 1977 UK
Aral Deutschlands Autopartner Nr.1 - Blue Issued 1977 Germany
Aral Deutschlands Autopartner Nr.1 - Red Issued 1977, Germany
Matchbox 1953 -1978 - Red General release 1978. This model was made to celebrate Matchbox Toys Silver Anniversary.
Matchbox 1953 -1978 - Orange
Matchbox 1953 -1978 - Blue Issued 1978 Germany. Due to poor sales of the blue coloured ARAL bus, Matchbox used the same bus but labeled it with their Silver Anniversary labels.
TWA - Red Brazil Issue
Impel 79 Trade Fair - Red Issued 1979 UK. Refer to Impel 1973 model.
A.I.M. Convention & Toy Show 1979 - Red Issued 1979 American Institute of Matchbox Toy Show Gettysburg.
NCH Scotland 25 Years - Red 1980, 25th Anniversary of the National Children's Homes in Scotland. Model comes with National Children's Homes of Scotland certificate only 200 models were made.
Bisto - You Can't Kid a Bisto Kid/ Bisto - The Bisto Bus - Red Issued 1981 Ireland. One side has the label "You can't Kid a Bisto Kid" while the other side has "Bisto - the Bisto Bus". However models with either of these labels on either side have been found.
Olympus Cameras - Red
No Image Available
Matchbox Collectors Club - Red Issued 1997 Hershey Pennsylvania
Lufthansa - Red Brazil Issue

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