Matchbox Number 17 Daimler Fleetline DMS "The Londoner"

Lesney Matchbox Pre Production and Colour Trial models
(Test models made in Lesney Matchbox factories)

Variations - My objective with this listing is to show the different colours and liveries. It is not my intention to list casting, wheel and base colour variations for every model.

Brass master model made by Lesney's head model maker (the late) Ken Wetton in 1970
Berger Paints - Blue Colour Trial
The Wonder of Woolworth - Red pre production model
Woolworth - Red pre production model
Matchbox Silver Jubilee pre production model. This was the original design for the 1978 issue to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of Matchbox Toys. The label design that was finally accepted was vastly different to this variation.
Matchbox Collectors Club - Silver pre production model
Brown and cream - colour trial model for the Impel 76 issue. Due to excessive painting cost with masking it was abandon for a 2 colour version.
Beige - Colour trial model
White - pre production model
The Londoner - Red pre production model

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