Although I showed this on page 1, I thought I would put some more photos here. This little truck is awesome!
Matchbox 1956 Ford F100 Pick Up. I used parts from a Hot Wheels fire truck and added the light/siren on the front guard. One of my favourite's!
Matchbox Convoy Ford Aeromax. The NSW Fire Brigade has a similar truck for their Hazmat Mobile Unit so I thought I would make my own version. One of my first attempts at decals. These were done on an inkjet printer.
Matchbox Checker. This was originally a taxi but I saw a photo of a Checker police car and couldn't help myself! Matchbox Armoured Car. Again, I saw a photo of a similar vehicle with a battering ram attached to the front and thought it looked cool.
Matchbox Model A and T Vans. I love old police paddy wagons and these models lend themselves so well.
Matchbox Convoy Ford Aeromax. A mobile command unit complete with search lights that revolve.
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