Fakes and Frauds

Number 68b Mercedes Benz Coach - Turquoise

This model was first released in the Turquoise colour in September 1965. I have read that this colour was mainly available on the US market in small numbers. Later in 1965, the colour was changed to Orange. This then became the mainstream colour for this model.

There were two major casting variations with this model. Initially, in 1965, the model came out with open axles. When the colour changed to Orange, the axles were still open. In late 1965 or very early 1966 the base casting changed to cover the axles. The covered axle version was ONLY available in Orange.

The Turquoise version is relatively easy to fake. The hardest part is making the axle ends look genuine after replacing the wheels. If you do find a Turquoise version make sure you check the axle ends. They should both look similar. If they look a bit beaten or rough, be wary, it may be an early orange version repainted.

If this is the case, look for small paint chips where the white plastic top clips into the base. Because factory versions have a baked on paint finish it is quite hard and doesn't chip easily. However, with a repaint version, the paint is normally softer and can chip quite easily.

Also, if the Turquoise model has a box, it should be an "E" style box with a green bus on the picture side and have "New Model" written on the end flaps.


At the left is a photo of the base of a genuine number 68b Mercedes Coach in Turquoise. Notice you can see the axles.

This photo shows a later version in Orange with the axles covered.

In this photo we have the FAKE version. Notice the paint colour is darker than the original version. However, the big tell tale sign is the covered axles. This was originally an orange version that has been repainted.
This is the correct "E" type box for a Turquoise version, showing a green model on the face and "New Model" on the end flaps.
This is the wrong box style for this model. The box is a later "E" style box showing an orange model and picture detailed end flaps.


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