Fakes and Frauds

Number 45a Vauxhall Victor - Copper

This particular model was listed on ebay. The listing has now ended and the item did not sell, fortunately!

It was first listed at a starting price of 499GBP with a buy it now price of 1000GBP. When it didn't sell the first week, the seller reduced the price to a starting bid of 299GBP with no buy it now price.

Here is the listing showing the title. The seller, by the way has an excellent feedback rating with well over 1000 feedbacks and is also a power seller.

Check out the title. It plainly states the model is a Colour Trial, implying it was a Lesney colour trial model or pre-production model.


To the left is the description inside the auction. It's very brief.

Here the seller states the Victor is painted in the copper colour of the #22b Vauxhall Cresta. Also stated is that the model is totally original!

There were about 4 photos displayed with this auction. I emailed the seller and got a couple more. I have cropped the photos to make them smaller to fit here, but you will get the idea.

A nice blurry photo is always a good start when you are asked to spend 1000GBP!

Always be wary of blurry photo's. They are that way for a reason.

Sellers that are not 100% genuine frequently use poor quality photos to hide detail on the item. If photos are poor quality, always email the seller and ask for better quality ones.

If they do not respond or just send the same poor quality photo's DON'T BID!


Again, a poor quality photo that does not show the model clearly. Even if I am only spending $20, I am entitled to clearly see what I am buying.

This is an additional photo the seller sent me. Check out the tow hook!

The base of this model was always painted black. As the tow hook is part of the base, it should have signs of black paint on the edges and possibly bare metal on top.

This one has been painted while the base is attached to the body, hence the same colour as the body. A sign of a definite FAKE!


I have inserted some pointers and comments on this photo so you can see what to look for.

Having metal wheels and no windows, it is is very easy to strip the old paint from this model by dipping it into paint stripper. It will do no damage to the model, only remove all the old paint including the paint on the base.

When the model was repainted, the wheels and base have possibly been masked off. This will explain why the top of the tow hook is painted the same colour as the body.

It also explains why there is no paint under the rear bumper and on the inner sides and in the rivet.

There is also black specs on the base (as noted) possibly black paint.

But, here's the kicker! A little knowledge about the models always helps. This is why it is important to have excellent reference material like "The Definitive Guide to Matchbox Toys 1-75 Series 1953-1969"

The number 45a Vauxhall Victor was first released in 1958. This particular model with metal wheels and no windows is an early version from 1958. The number 22b Vauxhall Cresta also came out in 1958 BUT the gold or bronze colour did not appear until 1962. This makes it a near miracle for the early number 45 Victor to be painted in a colour that did not appear for another 4 years!

Generally this is a poor quality fraud and fake where the seller had no conscience. Offering this as a colour trial model is just plain outright fraud!


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