Fakes and Frauds

Number 27c Cadillac Sixty Special - Bronze

This one I purchase in January 2008 knowing it to be a repaint and purchasing it specifically for the purpose of writing an article about it. It cost me $14. I did ask the seller for a photo of the base prior to bidding on this model, so I was well aware of what I was buying.

It appealed to me because the roof was still in the original colour.

Here is the wording from the auction.

Matchbox Number 27 C . Cadillac Sedan .

Unusual goldish body with play ware & paint loss .

White roof with paint loss .

Clear windows . ( Rear one cracked ) .

4 Silver Plastic wheels .

Red base . No tow hook .

Displays well .

The seller does not state it is a repaint, just an unusual colour. I find it interesting that the seller is knowledgeable enough to know the colour is unusual, but not that it's a repaint! As for the "no tow hook", he's right. It has been ground off!


This is the original photo as it appeared in the auction. It is easy to see the paint build up around the back window but to an untrained eye, this could be missed. Having the play wear also helps to make it look original.


This photo is a photo that I took. I quite like the colour combination and may well restore it to this colour.


The base is a bit of a give away. On close inspection, the original lilac paint can be seen on the underside of the front bumper. And of course, the ground off tow hook.
Photo of my little fake along with the original item. Looks cool!


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