Fakes and Frauds

Number 22a Vauxhall Cresta - Cream

I purchased this model from ebay about 18 months ago. I don't have the original photo unfortunately. It was advertised as original and I asked the seller if it had been repainted. His response was a very definite NO!

This model interested me because although it originally came in two-tone, cream over red, the cream was always painted first and then the red mask sprayed over the top. I had often suspected that it would be possible for a model to miss the red spray process.

Fortunately, I only paid about 9GBP for this little gem. I kept it to remind myself how stupid I was! I should have asked for more photo's, but the idea that it could be rare drove me to be careless! Lesson learned!!


Here is a photo of my little fake. If you look at the inside of the drivers window a big paint splodge can be seen. A sure tell tale sign of a repaint!


Shown here with a genuine version. Colour is off a little and the front bumper is completely painted silver. If it was genuine, the front bumper would have just a light spraying of silver. Also, I don't believe the rear bumpers were silver as it is on this one.



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