Fakes and Frauds

Number 13a Bedford Breakdown - Restoration

In this article, I am showing a restored number 13a Bedford Breakdown that was on offer on ebay a while ago. It is a lovely restoration that could quite easily pass as a near perfect original.

However, there are some little tell tale signs that I want to point out.


This is the restored model. the colour looks great and this side of the axles look nice and clean. It is important to check the other side of the axles because that is the side where modifying takes place to remove the wheels for painting. There will be signs of tampering on the other ends of the axles. Also, check out the silver paint on the grill and bumper. It's a little too heavy on the bumper.

When we look at the original model here, it's easy to see the colour is off a bit on the restored one. Notice how the front bumper has a lighter coat of silver paint. This is quite hard to copy.


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