Fakes and Frauds

Number 4c Triumph Motor Cycle and Sidecar - Copper

July 1960 saw the release of the Number 4 Triumph T-110 Motor Cycle and Sidecar. According to Jack Odell, Joint Managing Director of Lesney Products, this was the most fantastic model Lesney ever produced.

This model only came in one colour, steel blue. However, some copper coloured versions have been found. According to "Collecting Matchbox Die Cast Toys - The First 40 Years" it is presumed some Triumph body's were accidentally placed on the assembly line of the number 66b Harley Davidson Motor Cycle. This reasoning has come about due to all genuine copper versions having been fitted with the Harley Davidson wheels. Also, one example was rumoured to have been found in a Harley Davidson box.

This model is extremely rare, but there have been quite a few fake versions made. The wheels and tyres are the tell tale signs with this little gem!


This is reported to be a genuine version complete with the number 66b Harley Davidson wheels. You will notice the tyres are larger than the Triumphs although the wire wheels are smaller. This model was on offer at Vectis Auctions in 2000.

The normal number 4c version painted in steel blue. Notice the difference in the wheels from the model above.

Here is an obvious fake. It's complete with a lovely box and could well be mistaken for a genuine version, but check the wheels!
The number 66b Harley Davidson with the larger tyres and smaller wire wheels.



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