Matchbox Toys
Board Games

Matchbox Traffic Game.
Lively action with the rotating traffic signal!

Matchbox Crash Game.
A motor racing game with all the chance,
thrill and hazards of a real race circuit!

Matchbox Cascade Game.
The super action thump-a-drum game
that's fun for the whole family.



Matchbox Toys didn't just sell die cast toys. Over the years they branded everything from painting books to ceramic ashtrays and virtually everything collectable in between!

From the late 1960's through to the early 1970's Matchbox branched out into board games. Today, these earlier games are collectable not only for the Matchbox Toy collector that wants everything Matchbox, but also for the board game collectors.

Many had wonderful graphics and artwork and are worth collecting just for that! The games were usually based on motoring, so included Matchbox Toys. The London to brighton games included Models of Yesteryear.

Most Matchbox Toys board games can still be bought for reasonable money from auctions both on the internet and live.

Below is a list of board games from this era:

  • London to Brighton Veteran Car Game
  • Traffic game
  • Crash Game
  • Car Pow
  • Cascade game


Matchbox London to Brighton Veteran Car Game! An exciting game for 2 teams of 1-4 players.   Yes, there are variations to collect in the board games to! This game had different models but also different internal packaging.



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